<p>Bare Metal Service (BMS) is a service which provides independent physical servers with excellent computing power and data read and write capabilities. BMS does not use virtualization mechanisms such as hypervisors, so customers do not have to worry about the performance loss resulted in applications running on the hypervisor. Thus, BMS is applicable to processor-intensive and disk I/O intensive scenarios.</p> <p>When using BMS services, users are free to choose a suitable business model and configuration. Besides, the VPC coupled with cloud products enables users to quickly and securely build their core business. With the most complete standard features and service packs, BMS services provide raw hardware capabilities needed for processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads.</p> <p>BMS services, ECS services, and EBS services on Ping An Cloud constitute standard cloud architecture to meet the requirements of different scenarios. Elasticity and self-service build the same level of delivery capability as that of ECS.</p>


<p><strong>Flexible and </strong><strong>E</strong><strong>asy-to-use</strong></p> <p>A variety of operating systems are supported, and users are free to define the number of CPU cores, memory size, charge mode and duration, resulting in reasonable resource allocation and cost saving.</p> <p><strong>Availab</strong><strong>ility Zones</strong></p> <p>Different AZs correspond to different data centers, such as East China A and South China A.</p> <p><strong>High </strong><strong>A</strong><strong>vailability</strong></p> <p>Under the same data center, different high availability zones mean different basic devices, such as different network devices and different power supply devices.</p> <p><strong>Rapid </strong><strong>D</strong><strong>eployment</strong></p> <p>A BMS Instance can be delivered within 10 minutes, while the average delivery time is 25 minutes.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Elastic </strong><strong>E</strong><strong>xpansion</strong></p> <p>Instance upgrade and expansion are carried out at any time along with business development to ensure rapid business growth. Upgrading CPU and memory requires downtime of only 5 minutes or less, while bandwidth is upgraded online without downtime.</p> <p><strong>Safe and </strong><strong>R</strong><strong>eliable</strong></p> <p>BMS host intrusion detection, DDoS protection and other security features are provided. Host availability is greater than 99.95%, ensuring data reliability.</p>
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