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<p>The Function Compute service adopts the method of on-demand billing. The fee consists of the number of calls, the runtime and the possible public network traffic fee. You can also have access to some free quotas every month.</p> <p><strong>The number of calls</strong></p> <p>The total number of function calls by tenants with the current price of RMB1.33 / million calls.</p> <p><strong>Runtime</strong></p> <p>The costs also depend on the memory specification and runtime of the function designated by you. An execution runtime starts when your codes begin to be run and end when the result is returned or execution is terminated.</p> <p>The current price is RMB0.0066648/(GB*min).</p> <p><strong>Public network traffic</strong></p> <p>If you have used the Internet to transfer the Function Compute data, the used Internet traffic is charged, including:</p> <p>1. data called via the public network and returned via the function;</p> <p>2. data transmitted via the function to the Internet.</p> <p><strong>Others</strong></p> <p>Corresponding billings for usage of other Public Cloud services.</p> <p><strong>Monthly free quota</strong></p> <p>The number of calls: the first 1 mn calls of each month is free.</p> <p>Runtime: the first 6600 (GB*min) of each month is free.</p>
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