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<p>Cloud Encryption Service, an encryption solution on the cloud, is based on cipher machines with virtualization technology. It can help banks, governments and enterprises meet regulatory compliance requirements for data security while also protect the privacy of business data on the cloud. With cloud encryption services, users can manage keys securely and reliably and use various encryption algorithms to reliably encrypt and decrypt data.</p> <p><strong>Instructions:</strong></p> <p>1. after the user submits the email address for the USB key on the platform, the platform will send a USB key to the user via emails. Then the user will receive the corresponding USB key to verify his identity.</p> <p>2. Install the app on a laptop or a personal computer, insert a USB key, connect to the encryption service instance via VPN or Express Connect, and start the key management.</p> <p>3. Install the connection proxy. The cloud encryption service instance will be called through the proxy for encryption and decryption operations.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Steps</strong></p> <p>1. Log into the cloud encryption service management console, and visit the list page for cloud encryption service management.</p> <p>2. Click &quot;Buy Cloud Encryption Instance&quot; to complete the purchase. Configure the encryption instance bound to the vpc and vpc subnets, and submit the contact address through the ticket system. The cloud platform will send the USB key and the EXE file for the app to the user via emails.</p> <p>3. After receiving the USB key, you can start to manage and use the encryption service instance.</p>
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