DDoS Protection

Billing modes

Hybrid billing model

Billing items

Fixed protection + flexible protection

Payment Methods

Prepaid + postpaid

Billing methods

The billing standard consists of the number of high-protection IPs, fixed protection section, maximum bandwidth and protection time duration. The traffic will be blocked if inbound flow rate exceeds the peak protection traffic you purchased, so it is recommended to assess the peaks that need protection based on historical attack conditions, and 10-20% buffer is needed.

1、 Fixed protection is paid by month with pre-paid orders.

2、 Flexible protection method is paid by day. Post-paid orders are generated according to the exceeded peak protection traffic flows on the previous day, with larger billing interval taken.

Fixed protection(Monthly Prepaid)
Defense capacity High-defense double routes + China Unicom
Peak value10Gbps 8,800CNY
Flexible protection(Daily Pay-As-You-Go)
Defense capacity High-defense double routes(Telecom + China Unicom)
High-defense double routes(Telecom) High-defense double routes(China Unicom)
10Gb < Peak value <= 20Gb 1,580CNY 1,580CNY
20Gb < Peak value <= 30Gb 1,880CNY 1,880CNY
30Gb < Peak value <= 40Gb 2,980CNY 2,980CNY
40Gb < Peak value <= 50Gb 4,180CNY 4,180CNY
50Gb < Peak value <= 60Gb 5,280CNY 5,280CNY
60Gb < Peak value <= 70Gb 8,680CNY 8,680CNY
70Gb < Peak value <= 80Gb 10,580CNY 10,580CNY
80Gb < Peak value <= 100Gb 12,680CNY 12,680CNY
100Gb < Peak value <= 150Gb 15,980CNY -
150Gb < Peak value <= 200Gb 18,780CNY -
200Gb < Peak value <= 300Gb 24,980CNY -
300Gb < Peak value <= 400Gb 30,688CNY -


With the flexible billing model, if the user's attack peak exceeds the maximum limit, which is less than 400G, it will be blocked according to maximum charge for the day. When the maximum limit is 400G and the attack exceeds 400G, there will be no charges.

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