Value Proposition

Multi-dimensional Security Management

Provide resources isolation and access control at the cluster level through Redis password authentication and whitelist access policy to ensure the security of credit application access.

Experienced and Reliable Practices

Use a highly-reliable dual-machine architecture, memory and hard disk storage means, and real-time data backups to ensure business availability and meet operation & maintenance requirements of the financial system.

High-performance Data Processing

Leverage Ping An’s financial system management experience and production practice over the past years to provide the best-performance parameter configuration; and make flexible adjustments in line with actual business scenarios of users.

Online Mass Storage Capacity Expansion

In a distributed architecture, data is distributed on multiple physical machines, without physical limitations of single machines; provide a one-click online expansion solution to solve the hardware bottleneck of massive data storage on Redis.

Easy to Use Management Console

Through the console, you can add, delete, restart, expand, modify passwords, and configure parameters of the Redis cluster, and provide multi-dimensional performance monitoring data for users to analyze and use.

Use Cases

  • Perform well in business scenarios with high data concurrency and low latency access. Based on Ping An Group’s accumulated financial business scenarios for many years, it has considerable experience in high reliability and high security of data, which effectively guarantees the long-term security of cloud financial data.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Compute Service RDS-MySQL
  • A business volume increase often arises in an internet business scenario. The Redis cluster can support online rapid capacity expansion and support up to 100W+ QPS processing capacity to cope with business peaks.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Compute Service RDS-MySQL

Product Solutions


Creation and Management

Create Redis quickly: create the Redis cluster easily by selecting the geography and capacity in the console.
Manage Redis: add, delete, restart, expand, change passwords, and configure parameters of the Redis cluster through the console.

Set the Access Policy

Set the network whitelist: configure the access policy for the application VPC to the Redis cluster, which can effectively resist various malicious attacks and ensure data security.
Set the password: you can customize and revise the password, and ensure safe and reliable access through password authentication.

Rapid Expansion

Rapid storage capacity expansion: adjust memory storage capacity of the cluster as necessary to enhance the business processing capacity, and support a package of up to 256GB memory.
Online expansion: provide a one-click online expansion solution without interrupting application services or affecting the business of users, thus ensuring the continuity of business systems.

Monitoring and Alarm

Monitoring service: Provide multi-dimensional performance monitoring data for uses to analyze and use.
Customized alarm policy: When the indicator exceeds a certain threshold, it will automatically raise the alarm to help users warn against risks in advance and help them quickly identify and solve problems.

Tariff and Pricing

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0.74 /hour

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356 /month

Annual price from

3,560 /year
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