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<p>1.The database service can only be accessed using the domain name provided by the product. Otherwise, some services, such as failover, will be downgraded.<br /> 2.Dynamically increasing the number of shards is currently not supported.<br /> 3.Using SQL statements to define sharded information is currently not supported.<br /> 4.Views/stored procedures/triggers are currently not supported.<br /> 5.Cross-shard association queries are currently not supported.<br /> 6.The East China region currently does not support access to DB by BMS.<br /> 7.Switching the billing method from pay-per-use to monthly subscription is currently not allowed.<br /> 8.During the change of the capacity configuration, the current instance will suffer transient interruption.<br /> 9.The database service will suffer transient interruption when SSL encryption is enabled.<br /> 10.Modified parameters can take effect only after restarting the instance.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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