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  • Whole Insurance Product Category
    Based on the 30 years profound experience of Ping An Group in insurance industry, it provides the insurance clients with cloud-based whole insurance product catagory on day 1, and enables the business operations and development on day 2.
  • Compliance of Regulation of Industry and security
    Meets the requirements of compliance of regulation of PBOC, CBIRC and CSRC, holding eight domestic and overseas authoritative security certifications, and Ping An Cloud is the first financial cloud certified by ISO 27018.
  • Service Isolation Zone
    Provides three zones, i.e., DMZ, Server Farm and PTR in addition to VPC, meeting the different business isolation and security requirements in the financial industry.
  • Off-site disaster recovery in the same city
    Thanks to the Tier III+ Ping An Cloud IDCs which location are distributed across China (including Hong Kong), it meets the data-level and application-level requirements on disaster recovery in the same city, different cities, and three centers in two cities, as well as in multiple centers in multiple cities for the insurance business.

Typical Business Scenarios


This system is applicable for sales representatives to acquire customers via WeChat, and to purchase insurance products on mobile terminals. It promotes products by posting marketing campaigns or articles, and supports SaaS and localized deployment modes.

This system serves the following purposes

Cost effectiveness: Electronic workflow significantly reduces documentation, file and labor costs

Scenario Extend: Based on smart mobile terminals, various business models and sales scenarios such as part-time agents and O2O could be extended

Operation efficiency: Smart data transmission greatly improves operational timeliness and job accuracy

Solution Architecture

Solution Overview

  • This solution architecture consists of user layer, contact layer, channel layer, business layer and basic platform.Based on the Ping An Cloud service, it provides solutions to meet the demands of insurance companies for business applications on the business layer.The solution provides differentiated insurance sales and marketing tools for different users and contact methods in the insurance industry.

Architecture Advantages

  • It provides basic guarantees for the insurance business in combination with cutting-edge technology such as AI, big data, cloud, and blockchain
  • It provides the ability to record the dialog and screen to meet the business expansion compliance requirements of the insurance industry.

Success Stories

  • Guolian Life
  • Tenbent Insurance
  • Lian Life
  • Jixiang Life

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