Value Proposition

WiseAPM Makes Your APM Wiser


Non-invasive, minute-level probe deployment for dynamic tracing of the application performance of clients and the server


Link tracing from clients to the server ensures the series analysis of the detailed data of a single request

AI Technology

Use AI algorithm for the analysis and prognosis of business trend and exceptions to detect problems ahead


Engineered for Public and Hybrid Cloud Environments

WiseAPM Mobile

Quickly detect and locate imperfect user experience after an application is published to help create the ultimate user experience for mobile applications

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WiseAPM Browser

Monitor the page loading and running states of real users to grasp the real-time user experience around the globe and locate website performance bottlenecks

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WiseAPM DialTest

Stimulate users to monitor domain names, web page URLs and APIs globally, actively perceiving the application access experience of users

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WiseAPM Detector

Monitor and manage the server performance and faults of back-end applications in real time to quickly locate problems of corporate applications

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WiseAPM Mario

Perform real-time big data correlation analysis and visualize the impact of application performance on business operation, thus facilitating corporate decision-making

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