Product Description

<p>Elastic Cache Redis provides persistent in-memory data services. Support open source Redis protocol, currently compatible with Redis 3.0 version and above. Default deployment of distributed architecture, using the master-slave program of high availability, providing a full set of solutions of data persistence, online expansion, horizontal expansion, monitoring, alarm and other aspects. According to best practices, provide a variety of packages for custom consumption.</p>


<p><strong>High Security</strong></p> <p>Through password authentication access, resource isolation and access control,Redis cluster ensures securely access.</p> <p><strong>High Reliability</strong></p> <p>To meet the financial system operation and requirements for maintenance, Redis&nbsp; provides master-slave architecture in all Redis clusters,ensures data persistence by using both memory and hard disk storage mode,and also adopts real-time data backup mechanism.</p> <p><strong>High Performance</strong></p> <p>Based on years of financial system management experience and production practice, Redis provides the best performance parameter configuration; it can also fit in user&#39;s actual business environment flexibly.</p> <p><strong>High Capacity</strong></p> <p>Adopt distributed architecture, data is distributed in multiple physical machines, breaking the physical limitations of single distribution; which can also provide one-click online expansion service, resolving the massive hardware bottlenecks stored on Redis instance.</p> <p><strong>Ease to Use</strong></p> <p>Increasing, deleting, restarting, expanding, resetting password, modifying parameters and other management operations of Redis cluster can be operated on the console, and we provide multi-dimensional monitoring data of performance for users to analyze the application.</p>


<p>1.The database service can only be accessed using the domain name provided by the product. Otherwise, some services, such as failover, will be downgraded.<br /> 2.Redis cluster uses db0 by default.<br /> 3.Redis cluster standard protocol is supported.<br /> 4.The client does not support management commands such as shutdown, flushdb, flushall, and config.<br /> 5.The client does not support cluster management commands such as cluster.<br /> 6.Only the master-slave architecture in the availability zone is currently supported.<br /> 7.The East China region currently does not support access to DB by BMS.<br /> 8.Switching the billing method from pay-per-use to monthly subscription is currently not allowed.<br /> 9.The database service will suffer transient interruption when SSL encryption is enabled.<br /> 10.Modified parameters can take effect only after restarting the instance.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

Terms and Descriptions

<p><strong>Region</strong></p> <p>The region consists of multiple physical data centers, such as East China 1 and Southern China 1.</p> <p><strong>Availability Zone</strong></p> <p>Availability zones are physical areas where the power and network are independent of each other in the same region. The physical distance between two availability zones is longer than 20 kilometers, such as EC1-A, SC1-B.</p> <p><strong>Data Synchronization</strong></p> <p>Redis cluster server uses master-slave high-availability technologies. The status of synchronization is represented by different colors, red for abnormal status and green for normal status. Synchronization anomalies associated with application scenarios need to be resolved from the application layer.</p>
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