<p>PingAn Cloud DNS is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) that provides authoritative DNS servers and DNS management services</p> <p>As a domain name translator, PingAn Cloud DNS helps you map your websites or application resource IP addresses on the Internet through the convenience of domain names.</p> <p>Domain Name Resolution (DNS) translates a domain name (for example: yun.pingan.com) into a machine-readable IP address (for example,</p>

Product function

<p><strong>Unlimited domain name</strong></p> <p>Support domain name resolution, unified management, unlimited addition</p> <p><strong>Simple configuration</strong></p> <p>Add a parsing record with one click, and easily solve the analysis</p> <p><strong>Positioning accuracy</strong></p> <p>Automatically update the global IPv4 space IP attribution in real time, domestically accurate to the operator + prefecture-level city, overseas accurate to the country</p> <p><strong>Website security</strong></p> <p>Cloud monitoring real-time multi-dimensional monitoring of site and cloud resource security to provide security for your website security.</p> <p><strong>Big data visualization</strong></p> <p>Collect and analyze DNS query logs, and display domain name access statistics to users in an intuitive and real-time manner through data visualization.</p>

Product advantage

<p><strong>Multi-node</strong></p> <p>The world&#39;s leading DNS clustering technology, while providing professional cloud resolution services.</p> <p><strong>Safe and stable</strong></p> <p>The leading DNS attack defense solution in China provides a professional and stable resolution service environment, which can automatically switch to an alternate IP address when the resolved IP address fails.</p> <p><strong>Intelligent analysis</strong></p> <p>Provides intelligent resolution capabilities by region and carrier lines to provide global load balancing for high availability of Internet applications.</p> <p><strong>Fast</strong></p> <p>The independently developed high-performance DNS kernel will quickly resolve all configurations of the global node.</p>
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