<p>Message Queue (MQ) is Ping An Technology&#39;s Message Queue product based on enterprise internet architecture targeting the financial industry.It is distributed message middleware featured by safety and high reliability and efficiency.</p>


<p><strong>Accumulate massive messages </strong></p> <p>Accumulate hundreds of millions of messages&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Flexible and efficient</strong></p> <p>Provide real-time message subscription, rich and flexible message types, without any mandatory binding with other products</p> <p><strong>Safe and reliable</strong></p> <p>Flexible flush/ to ensure data security and reliability</p> <p><strong>Various independent operation and maintenance management platform</strong></p> <p>Provide 24-hour self-service creation of a subscription relationship management platform, and real-time view of the message state</p>
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