Steps for key management

<p>1. Install the app on the personal computer for the encryption service instance</p> <p>2. Using a VPN or other means to connect your PC to your VPC network</p> <p>3. Connect to the encryption service instance via the app, insert the USB key to complete the first login, activate the ID card, and change the login password</p> <p>4&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; .Start the key management (creating, importing and backing up keys, connection authorization, access control, etc.)</p> <p>5.&nbsp;&nbsp; It is recommended that you back up the keys to your key back up card after entering the keys. You can select the &ldquo;three out of five model&rdquo; for the key back up card, that is, five key backup cards will be produced at the same time, and the keys can be restored with three of the five cards.</p> <p>6.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;As all key management relies on the USB key, please keep it properly. If the USB key gets lost, it can&rsquo;t be restored by the Ping An Cloud.</p>
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