<p>Host Intrusion Detection Service (HIDS) provides users with host protection service like vulnerability management and instruction detection. Nearly 1,000 intrusion discovery rules cover every critical path of penetration, ranging from vulnerability discovery, vulnerability exploitation, access to common permissions, permission elevation, intranet penetration, back-door Trojans to history eraser.</p>


<p><strong>Total security</strong></p> <p>Ping An Cloud&#39;s HIDS adopts deep security strategy rules, with nearly 200 safety check rules covering the OS.</p> <p><strong>Light-weight</strong></p> <p>The light-weight agent conducts most of the computing and protection on the cloud without occupying server resources, automatically identifies the business peak, and automatically exits when triggering the resource occupation threshold.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>High-speed detection</strong></p> <p>With a memory-based security big data analysis engine, HIDS can easily handle real-time data correlation analysis and computing in dozens of dimensions, and achieve second-level latency for security strategy analysis results, much better than the 1-hour or 1-day security analysis results.</p> <p><strong>Scenario accumulation</strong></p> <p>System architecture, data acquisition, analysis and security confrontation experience have been tested by about one million servers that have been operated stably for six years.&nbsp;</p>

Product Functions

<p><strong>Login security, abnormal identification and illegal log-in and reporting</strong></p> <p>&bull; Log-in record audit: keep all log-in records, identify the administrator&#39;s common log-in location, detect risks in suspicious abnormal log-in behaviors, issue real-time warnings, and set a log-in white list to confirm secure log-in to an IP address</p> <p>&bull; Brute force attack: identify illegal password cracking behaviors and report them to Ping An Cloud, to prevent hackers from intrusion by guessing the password.</p> <p><strong>Trojan detection and server security inspection </strong></p> <p>&bull; Based on the machine learning monitoring engine, HIDS detects suspicious problems and risks in malicious files, including various webshell backdoor files and binary Trojans. It identifies common backdoor files within several seconds and issues early warnings.</p>

Application Scenarios

<p>Server Security Positioning issues early warnings for cloud server security, which means that based on HIDS, customers are advised to deploy an agent to safeguard the running cloud server.</p> <p><strong>Centralized management of Ping An Cloud server </strong></p> <p>Through unified controlling and monitoring, HIDS can enhance the performance of cloud server security management, reduce the operating cost of cloud servers and mitigate security risks.</p> <p><strong>Host security inspection</strong></p> <p>Check the server to identify suspicious problems and risks, check host Trojans, back-doors, brute force attacks, abnormal login and webshell quick-scanning, issue vulnerability warnings as early as possible, and remind uses of quick disposal.</p>
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