<p>The Pingan Cloud Web Scan is a security service that provides website vulnerability detection. It can accurately and fully scan for vulnerabilities on the website to prevent malicious use of vulnerabilities damaging website security. Compared with traditional or open source vulnerability scanning products, Pingan Cloud Web Scan has the advantages of more comprehensive data capture, higher coverage, a lower false positive rate, and timely update of vulnerability database without impact on business.</p>


<p><strong>Low false positive rate</strong></p> <p>Backed by the professional security team&#39;s years of experience in operation and in-depth study of website conditions, Pingan Cloud Web Scan has a lower false positive rate. It avoids massive false positive vulnerability information from covering up real security threats and reduces the workload of vulnerability verification.</p> <p><strong>Smart automated testing</strong></p> <p>Pingan Cloud Web Scan supports fully automated intelligent recognition. Without complex parameter configuration for the software, you can double check the vulnerabilities scanned last time to confirm the fixing status and place a mark.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Strict control of scanning frequency</strong></p> <p>Pingan Cloud Web Scan uses a global speed control module to strictly control the scanning frequency of a website without any impact on customer business continuity.</p> <p><strong>Active periodic scanning and comprehensive data </strong></p> <p>Periodic scanning consistently collects security data of a website&#39;s new ports, web application and URL etc. to ensure the data are complete and comprehensive. It also periodically verifies historical vulnerability fixing, and scans and analyzes URL late at night without affecting normal operation during peak hours. Active scanning enables users to manually trigger scanning, which means flexible choice of vulnerability scanning timing.</p>


<p><strong>Ping An Cloud Web Scan can detect the following vulnerabilities:</strong>Common vulnerability detection: It supports detection of over 27 web vulnerabilities, including but not limited to:SQL injection vulnerability, GET/POST-based injection vulnerability with at least characters, numbers, searches etc.XSS vulnerability, GET/POST-based cross-site attack vulnerability; CSRF vulnerability, directory traversal vulnerability, information leak vulnerability, vulnerability in authentication, including but not limited to various login, bypass, common account, weak password etc.URL Rewriter, Struts 2, Jboss, Jekings, Djingo and other enterprise open source framework vulnerabilities.</p> <p><strong>Fingerprint recognition: </strong>covering over 600 types of web fingerprints and host fingerprints; for each type of vulnerability detected, Ping An Cloud Web Scan provides professional fixing advice.</p>

Application Scenarios

<p>&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It prevents hacker attacks using website vulnerabilities to cause loss of profits and data leakage.</p> <p>&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Web applications are vulnerable to hackers using a variety of vulnerabilities to attack. Common attacks include SQL injection, buffer overflow and remote command execution. The security incidents caused by web vulnerabilities are very likely to affect user experience and even cause serious damage to core business contents such as user data, thus leading to serious economic losses.</p> <p>&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Ping An Cloud Web Scan can detect Ping An Cloud&#39;s web server vulnerabilities in time and provide fixing suggestions to ensure the security of Ping An Cloud server.</p>
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