<p>Elastic File Service (hereinafter referred to as &quot;EFS&rdquo;) refers to simple, extensible, highly available and high-performance file storage services provided for cloud server instances. Supporting NFS and CIFS, EFS provides shared network storage for multiple cloud server instances. EFS can be widely applied to shared data reading and writing, log access and archiving, big data analysis, media processing and data backup and archiving.</p> <p>EFS is easy to use without modifying the user&#39;s app or having complex configuration. After creating an EFS volume instance and mount it on the OS, you can use one or more host clients to access the file system. Currently, EFS provides standard and capacity-type products. With strong IO processing, standard products can be applied to most of the scenarios. Products featured by huge capacity have moderate IP processing and are suitable for mass data access and scenarios with more reading tasks than writing.</p>


<p><strong>User-friendly</strong></p> <p>On succinct web-based interfaces, users can create and configure EFS instances easily.</p> <p><strong>Extensible on demand</strong></p> <p>Users can operate by themselves to expand the EFS volume&#39;s capacity.</p> <p><strong>Highly reliable</strong></p> <p>The highly reliable EFS ensures security of user data.</p> <p><strong>High-performance</strong></p> <p>EFS with strong IO process supports a variety of application scenarios.</p>

Application Scenarios

<p><strong>Shared data reading and writing</strong></p> <p>EFS can be applied to scenarios of shared data reading/writing and shared storage among servers.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Big data and analysis </strong></p> <p>Under big data application scenarios, EFS provides large-capacity, high-performance, high-throughput and low-latency storage services</p> <p><strong>Media file processing</strong></p> <p>EFS can be applied to scenarios of massive media file access.</p> <p><strong>Contents and web services </strong></p> <p>EFS provides shared storage for content management systems and web services.</p> <p><strong>Data backup and archiving </strong></p> <p>EFS can be applied to scenarios of various data backup and archiving.</p>
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