Value Proposition

Deep Self-learning

AnBot covers all conversation log information of Ping An. In a data-driven mode, it can construct the knowledge base quickly with the smart recommendation schemes, thus reducing the online operation cost. Its knowledge base operation efficiency is 5 times higher than that of the last generation robot.

The Algorithm Determines the Core Abilities

AnBot has many core abilities such as inferring other information from one fact, smart error correction, long-sentence understanding, and multiple rounds of Q&A. At present, the accuracy of knowledge base retrieval based on deep semantic understanding has reached 96%. And in multiple-round dialogues, the entity recognition accuracy is over 95%.

Complete Man-machine Collaboration Solution

As the brain of the smart customer service of Ping An, AnBot can provide customers with a full set of smart customer service solutions. The non-inductive two-way switching between robot and the customer service rep, semantic understanding, emotion recognition and other services can be performed, with customer service efficiency doubled and the risk of complaints effectively controlled.

Central Control Robot

Used for bilateral or multilateral problems with unclear business attributes consulted by users. The central control robot, supported by powerful algorithms, can quickly clarify users’ intentions through questioning, thus realizing the one-stop online service experience for users.

Use Cases

Online Smart Air Ticket

Identify customer needs via extensive entity recognition, switching freely between tasks and Q&A.

Medical Guide

Via a unified service portal, the central control robot identifies the customers' intentions, and assigns the Q&A tasks to the corresponding department.

Comprehensive Financial Consultation

The unified service portal identifies customer needs and distributes them to corresponding business segments such as life insurance, property insurance, banking and securities through smart Q&A.


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