Value Proposition

Safe Physical Isolation

Provide a separate physical bare machine; provide security protection functions such as host intrusion detection and DDoS protection; the host availability ratio is higher than 99.95% to ensure data reliability.

Flexible Elasticity

Coupled with security and stability of physical servers, Ping An provides multiple operating systems. Users can select CPU, storage size, and usage period in line with their needs, so as to allocate resources reasonably and minimize cost.

Efficient Delivery

Finish deploying a physical server within 15 minutes, with the speed taking the lead in the industry. Rapid deployment facilitates the commencement of a new business.

Guarantee for Business Stability

redundant network, high-availability line and isolation technology ensure security and stability of internal and external networks, and disk RAID data redundancy ensures data security. Professional operation & maintenance engineers respond quickly 7*24 hours to ensure stable operation of the server.

Unique Network Architecture

Use VPC network architecture and interconnect with all virtual resources (like ECS, EFS and OBS) within VPC of tenants.

Use Cases

  • In a big data scenario, mass data needs to be collected, stored, analyzed, searched, and mined. Using exclusive high-performance physical servers is more suitable for high IO and high CPU requirements of big data. Physical servers are less expensive than cloud hosts under the same load.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Virtual Private Cloud
  • High-performance physical servers (20 cores, 256GB, 4*800GB SAS, 2 CPU cards, 2*10000M) provided by Ping An Cloud meet needs of mass data calculation, analysis and mining in artificial intelligence application scenarios.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Virtual Private Cloud
  • Large amounts of small files are generated during image processing, which makes heavy demands on computing power and data reading performance. Ping An Cloud offers storage IO-based physical servers (20 cores, 256GB, 12*800G SSD, 2*10000M) to meet image processing requirements.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Virtual Private Cloud
  • Industries like finance and healthcare make heavy demands on data security and regulatory compliance, requiring security of physical servers and elasticity of clouds. Ping An Cloud’s physical servers come with encrypted computing, can be used as an infrastructure service, and enable enterprises to migrate to clouds in a secure and smooth manner.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Virtual Private Cloud Elastic Load Balancing


High-performance Server

First-class equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, dual redundant hardware architecture, mainstream commercial network, storage, and encryption equipment to ensure a safe and reliable hardware environment.
Configuration parameters
CPU: 20 cores and above
Internal memory: 256GB and above
Storage: SAS/SSD/…
Network: Support virtual proprietary cloud (VPC) networks, and maintain interconnection with ordinary ECS instances and other cloud products, with performance and stability comparable with physical machine networks.
Operating system: Provide common operating systems as well as customized products based on work orders.
Security: Maintain the same security policy and flexibility as existing ECS virtual machines.
Encrypted computing: SGX is supported to ensure that data can be in a secure and reliable execution environment when data needs cleaning.

Perfectly Compatible with Other Cloud Products

Perfectly compatible with other cloud products of Ping An Cloud. You may purchase ECS, VPC, ELB and other cloud products at any time as needed. Diversified product portfolios accelerate business development.

Specifications and Pricing

Excl. network expenses, incl. equally shared VPC expenses, and incl. authorization for the use of Windows Server 2012 standard version.



  • CPU
  • Internal Memory
    256 GB
  • Local Storage
    4*800 GB SAS
  • GPU Card
  • Network
    2*10 Gbps

Application scenarios

  • Enterprises’ general-purpose computing demand in different scenarios


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Big data computing


  • CPU
  • Internal memory
    256 GB
  • Local storage
    2*300 GB SAS,12*4 TB SATA
  • GPU card
  • Network
    2*10 Gbps

Application scenarios

  • High demand on big data acquisition, storage, analysis, search, and mining


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