Value Proposition

A single login, ensures permanent usage

Stable channels ensure that only a single login is needed to access the service permanently, thereby preventing an overlap of development resources.

Multiple encryptions guarantee data security

Bank-level security management exceeds CBRC standards. Holds numerous international communication qualification certificates.

Real-time monitoring automatically gives early warning

24-hour online monitoring, intelligent channel switching, and remote backup strategies, all ensure the SMS is sent stably and efficiently.

Contact management with screening mechanism

Disturbance-free mechanism prevents repeated disturbance of users and malicious message accumulation. Precise and targeted marketing increases customer satisfaction.

More stable and reliable platform

Having more than 16 years of experience in communication, supporting operators, and first-tier enterprise verification. Together with a self-developed distribution system and resource allocation system, it offers a highly concurrent and trouble-free operating platform.

More flexible and reassuring charge mode

Only successfully sent SMS will be charged and multiple pricing packages are offered so that the enterprises requirements can be met in terms of marketing cost and marketing ROI planning.

Use Cases

User Registration/Login Management

The mobile phone number verifies the user's genuine identity and prevents malicious registration. SMS verification reaches the user within 3 seconds and works with voice verification to avoid losing users. If there are any login irregularities, the system will be automatically upgraded to match the security policy of the mobile phone verification.

Financial Payment Account Management

When operations that require mobile authentication occur, such as, payment, top up, transfer, refund and consumption, real-time short messages notify users to ensure the security of funds. Important operations and key data changes are authenticated by SMS or even using voice verification.

Membership Service System Notification

Service notifications triggered by merchants or the background system automatically, including service provisioning, audit results feedback, application results feedback, and card-swiping attendance reminders are sent to users in real time to enhance the user experience.

Product Recommendation Activity Information

Holiday promotion information, new product recommendations, and preferential activities, etc. are sent to users via APP and SMS notifications to improve sales and campaign effectiveness, facilitate the implementation of operation schemes, and increase the user conversion rate.


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