Value Proposition

Dedicated Resources

Provide multi-level security protection at a financial grade and user resource isolation mechanism; support cross-region replication and remote disaster recovery mechanism; and provide a variety of authentication and authorization mechanisms.

A Wide Choice of Specifications

There’s a variety of specifications to choose from, including not only the mainstream configuration of CPU-to-memory ratio of 1:4, but also 1:8, such as 2-core/ 16 GB and 4-core/ 32 GB.

Autonomous Planning

The number of host instances is customized according to your own plans, and instances on the host are created for free. The main factor for limiting the number of instances is remaining resources of the host.

Use Cases

Business Scenarios Requiring Exclusive Resources, like Finance, Healthcare and Government Administration

  • For business scenarios requiring greater security and exclusive resources, the client, after purchasing a dedicated host, may exercise exclusive control over a physical server, and create Dedicated Host on this server, with CPU and memory computing resources physically isolated from those of other tenants.
  • Recommend to use with: Virtual Private Cloud

Scenarios Requiring High Memory-to-CPU Ratio

  • For special scenarios requiring high memory-to-CPU ratio, using Dedicated Host can create a higher memory ratio. Dedicated Host supports the highest CPU-to-memory ratio of 1:8. CPU and memory resources of the host can be combined flexibly.
  • Recommend to use with: Virtual Private Cloud


  • By creating a custom image, you can include all operating system and data environment information in the image, load the image when creating new instances and use the same image to start different types of instances, so as to greatly improve the deployment efficiency.
  • Replicate images across regions: You can quickly deploy the same cloud server instance in different regions to improve robustness of applications.
  • The image service does not require any additional fees other than the standard access fees for ECS Instances and storage.

Performance Monitoring

  • After the cloud host is created, the agent for performance data collection will be automatically installed during system initialization, which comes with monitoring function for free without requiring manual intervention. The resource utilization and running performance of ECS instances are monitored at the minute level (including more than 60 indicators like CPU utilization, disk read-and-write speed, and network traffic). Visualized monitoring results can be used to facilitate operation & maintenance and fault location, thus achieving strict security at a financial grade.

Trigger Alerts and Actions

  • Send you an alert notification or perform other automated actions by setting an alert policy. For example, when a monitoring indicator exceeds the threshold you set, you may use auto scaling to increase or decrease the number of instances.

  • Provide matched security services like intrusion detection, DDoS protection, and vulnerability scanning to protect your server.
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS): Provide host protection functions such as vulnerability management and intrusion detection to protect your server. Nearly 1,000 intrusion detection rules are formulated to cover every critical path of intrusion penetration.
  • DDoS protection: When your domain name or source IP is under heavy-traffic DDoS attack, you may use advanced defense IP for acting as source IP by proxy to face users, hide source IP, and direct the attack traffic to advanced defense IP, so as to ensure stable and normal operation of source.

Specifications and Pricing

General-Purpose Dedicated Host


  • CPU
    36 cores
  • Memory
    240 GB
  • Storage
    1200 GB
  • Storage type
    Local SAS disk


SSD Dedicated Host


  • CPU
    36 cores
  • Memory
    240 GB
  • Storage
    5000 GB
  • Storage type
    Local SSD disk


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