Value Proposition


OLATOP covers all data in diversified fields including industry and commerce, finance and economy, public notifications, legal documents and social media.


The independently developed leading algorithm enables precise reasoning of smart relationships.

Computing Power

The OLATOP efficiently transforms unstructured data and quickly captures information in the data pool.


Taking full advantages of Ping An’s multiple financial applications, and driven by business practices in various scenarios, OLATOP closely combines technology and business practices together.

Use Cases

Risk Control

Dynamically track real-time information, and comprehensively provide alerts for multiple risks.


Analyze the full process of the ecosystem to monitor and expose risks.


Accurately screen potential customers, and provide marketing information in a smart way.

Public Service

Industrial planning, enterprise services, dynamic monitoring and risk control.


Tariff and Pricing

Web Page

Free Trial

API Interface Package (monthly rate)

300,000 /month

API Interface Package (yearly rate)

3,000,000 /year
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History of Product Development

  • From 2018 till now

    Strengthening the capability to provide comprehensive financial industry analysis solutions

  • November 2017

    Received financial support from the special funds of National Development and Reform Commission

  • July 2017

    OLTP OLATOP V1.0 public beta version went online

  • January 2017

    Customizing service for projects was opened and connected to multiple professional companies’ personalizing requirements

  • December 2016

    OLTP OLATOP V0.2 closed beta testing version went online

  • July 2016

    API interface was opened and connected to multiple business lines of Ping An

  • June 2016

    OLTP OLATOP V0.1 closed beta testing version went online

  • January 2016

    OLTP OLATOP project commenced

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