Value Proposition

Fast and easy

Paperless service, no need for returns, no location limitations.

Legal guarantee

Developed under the Law of Digital Signatures Certification System, supported by Beijing Certificate Authority Co. Ltd., the product is able to provide authentication reports certified by the national authentication center.

Easy to integrate

The customer can easily install APP plug-ins on the consumer end and call CA authentication of OPEN API interface on the backstage.

Pay as you go

Implementing consumption on demand, only pay for what is used.

Use Cases


Address all kinds of problems encountered by the financial industry, especially the investment industry, in signing bilateral or multilateral loan agreements.


Provide all types of electronic signature services for tourism businesses located in different places when signing cooperation contracts.

E-commerce and B2B

Meet the requirements of an electronic signature in commodity channel cooperation.

Express delivery and logistics

Meet the requirements of an electronic signature for orders in the full supply chain of the express delivery and logistics industry.

Internet copyright protection

Supports multiple device types and various scenarios. Signing anytime and anywhere, thereby increase processing efficiency of internet copyright agreements.

Supply chain

Signing online helps traditional suppliers to achieve an internet-oriented transformation. The whole process is operated on-line with an electronic method, removing waiting times.


Tariff and Pricing

Annual subscription plan


No. of signatures: 10,000


0.5~0.7 /each

Cost according to the number of times used each year, the minimum fee is ¥30,000/year.

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