Value Proposition

Multi-dimension Security Management

Data can be protected systematically through controlling and recording all visit paths and access behaviors in the following ways: access control strategies, firewall protection and ex-post security audit.

Experienced and Reliable Practices

The product can ensure business availability and meet the operational & maintenance requirements of financial systems through multi-data-center structuring, double hot standby and multiple backup protection.

High-performance Data Processing

Based on Ping An's years of financial system management experience and production practices, the best parameter configuration for RDS is provided, and flexible adjustment is supported based on users’ business application.

Easy to Administer

Users can add, delete, reset, back up or ramp up capacity of RDS through the console; meanwhile it also provides multi-dimensional performance monitoring data for analysis.

Use Cases

  • When high level data security and complex logical association between service tables is compulsory in a business scenario , RDS makes it easy to go from project conception to deployment through the rich data entries and interfaces of PostgreSQL. Based on PAG's years of financial experiences, the product provides a disaster recovery system in the three centers which meets requirements of financial regulators.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Compute Service Redis
  • The hot standby and local deployment structure can provide safe and stable data support for corporate-level core business. Compared with other open source relational databases, PostgreSQL offers richer and stronger functions and is more stable in execution.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Load Balancing Elastic Compute Service Redis

Product Solutions


Set-up and Management

Quick creation of RDS: Users can create RDS instances after choosing the region and volume at the management console.
RDS management: Users can add, delete, reset, back up or ramp up capacity of RDS through the management console.
Safe console: The product provides a dedicated bastion host for users to easily use the database terminal, making it more flexible and controllable in managing RDS.

Setting Access Strategies

Setting online access strategies: The product supports the setting of online access strategies from VPC to RDS, so that it can effectively withstand all kinds of malicious attacks and ensure data security.
Setting an access white list: Users can set a white list to allow only designated IPs to access RDS.

Quick Capacity Expansion

Quick expansion of computing resources: The CPU and memory capacity can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. At maximum, the product supports 16 core CPU and 128GB capacity.
Online expansion of storage space: The product not only supports limitless expansion of storage space, but also can properly deal with IO load emergencies through excellent IO extendibility.

Backup Management

Custom backup strategy: Users can customize the backup strategy and backup period.
Manual backup: The product supports manual backup at a certain time based on users' needs.

Monitoring & Alarming

Monitoring services: The product provides multi-dimensional monitoring performance data for users for analysis and other uses.
Custom alarming strategy: Automatic alarming will be triggered when the indicator exceeds a certain threshold, which will remind users of potential risks and help users quickly locate and tackle problems.

Tariff and Pricing

Hourly price from

1.62 /hour

Monthly price from

778 /month

Annual price from

7,780 /year
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