Value Proposition

Leading Technology

We cooperate with MIT's lab. The innovative fusion algorithm model has a text-dependent recognition accuracy of 99.8% and a text-independent accuracy of 99.1%.

Safe and Reliable

Voiceprint verification can quickly distinguish real-person voices and recorded speeches.Double-verification (voiceprint features and speech content) to strengthen security and reliability.

Stable and Compatible

VPR supports cross-platform and cross-channel application and quick access in multiple ways.

Flexible and Efficient

Both the modeling and verification process can be customized based on business requirements.

Use Cases

Identity Verification in Financial Industry

VPR can be used to help customer service personnel to quickly verify the identity of the caller. It can reduce the verification time and provide more judgment basis for the personnel. While enhancing security, VPR offers customer-friendly personalized services, including VIP hierarchical services, user identity identification, user login, password modification and small-amount transfer through the app. VPR can help realize anti-fraud, anti-malicious cash-out and anti-theft.

Public Security & Protection

We can provide public security and judicial authorities with customized voiceprint recognition solutions, including voiceprint library, 1:1 voiceprint comparison, 1:N voiceprint retrieval and voiceprint verification. Through leading voiceprint identification technology and big data, we can help public security authorities in counter terrorism, criminal case investigation, anti-telecom fraud, ID check and verification to reduce crime and to build and strengthen a safe public security environment.

Smart Home

Home service operation: We can offer personalized services to family members based on their individual requirements. VPR can identify the speaker's identity during the human-machine voice interaction. Users do not need to have additional operation and can enjoy satisfying home services.Home security: Verify the identity of family members through voiceprint; control the authority to open/close doors & windows and to the switch-on/off of home appliances and even computers and TVs.

Technology Patents

  • Publication Number: CN107610708A.

  • Title: A voiceprint recognition method and device.

  • Summary: This invention provides a voiceprint recognition method and device. The method refers to build and train a universal recognition model for representing the distribution of voice features under a preset communication medium by obtaining the voice data under preset communication medium, building corresponding voiceprint vector based on the voice data and clarifying the voiceprint features corresponding to the voiceprint vector according to the universal recognition model. The invention processes the voice data by building and training a universal recognition model to obtain a corresponding voiceprint vector, thereby clarifying the voiceprint feature and identifying the person who makes the sound according to the voiceprint feature. As the universal recognition model does not limit the content of the sound, the use of the voiceprint recognition is more flexible, diversifying the application scenarios of the voiceprint recognition.

  • Publication number: CN107610707A.

  • Title: A voiceprint recognition method and device .

  • Summary: This invention provides a voiceprint recognition method and device, including pre-processing the voice to obtain the effective voice in the speech, extracting the MFCC acoustic features of the voice, outputting the first and second feature matrices including MFCC dimension and the number of the voice framing; constructing a long-term and short-term recursive neural network model and inputting the first feature matrix; training the feature extraction matrix through the training parameters of the neutral network model and the speaker’s voice feature; the speaker output corresponding to the matched speaker model is the voiceprint recognition result. This invention can help achieve a better voiceprint recognition result by training the voiceprint background model in a way of supervised learning and extracting more suitable acoustic features from the training voice, thereby accurately distinguishing the differentiated features of the speaker and learning the speaker model with stronger robustness for a better voiceprint recognition result.

  • Publication number: CN106847292A.

  • Title: A voiceprint recognition method and device .

  • Summary: This invention provides a voiceprint recognition method and device. The method refers to collect users’ test voice via the client and send a voice recognition request to the back-office server. The voice recognition request includes users’ ID and the test voice. The back-office server identifies the voice recognition request via the message list and an asynchronous mechanism after receiving the voice recognition request; the back-office server obtains the target voiceprint features corresponding to the ID of the users whose voice recognition request is to be processed and the test voiceprint features corresponding to the test voice of the voice recognition request to be processed; the back-office server judges the consistency of the users from the target voiceprint features and the test voiceprint features and outputs the result to the client; and the client receives and shows the result. The voiceprint recognition method and device can help improve the voice recognition efficiency by quickly recognizing the voice.

Technical Principles

  • This is also called speaker verification where whether a piece of unknown speech comes from the target user will be verified. This is a 1:1 dichotomy verification process.
  • This is also called speaker identification where a piece of speech will be compared against multiple speakers and then the most matching one will be selected. This is a 1:N adjustment process.


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