Value Proposition

Improving the customer service experience

Zhizhe can help users quickly obtain specific knowledge to improve the search efficiency. Moreover, it can help the customer service staff reduce the error rate to facilitate service standardization and improve the overall customer experience.

Reducing operations costs

Enterprises can effectively reduce the staff training cost and knowledge bank maintenance cost by setting up a unified knowledge management platform. Moreover, through collaboration among various departments and employees, work efficiency can be enhanced through accumulated knowledge on the system.

Facilitating management

Knowledge is the core competitiveness of a company. Effective management of knowledge can prevent the loss of knowledge assets and improve management’s decision-making. Zhizhe can help enterprises manage and maintain the knowledge bank intelligently and help managers quickly make decisions through data mining and analysis.

Building learning-based structure

Zhizhe can provide work support for employees and train their innovative minds under a sharing environment by effectively managing “invisible” knowledge that is hidden in employees and expert’s brains as well as other knowledge stored in the employee’s computers.

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