Value Proposition

Highly Reliable Data

Data is stored in OBS, supporting cross-region recovery and distanced disaster recovery mechanisms; data backups are done with automatic encryption, the durability is no less than 99.99999999%.

Rapid Deployment

Provides various backup strategies with different combinations; customized on demand with backup cycles and retention periods; only paying for the actual storage space used for the file backup.

Efficient Backup

Subsequent backups are all incremental backups after the first full backup. The capacity can be elastically expanded anytime and anywhere to improve backup efficiency.

Use Cases

Original Data was Accidentally Deleted or Overwritten

  • With the Cloud Backup Service, you can immediately recover the point at which the data was before the deletion and retrieve the deleted data to effectively prevent the loss of the enterprises key data.
  • Recommend to use with: Web Application Firewall Situation Awareness

Cloud Server Crash

Applications Update Error

Remote Data Replication


Tariff and Pricing


50 / month


100 / month


198 / month


488 / month
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