Value Proposition

Data Statistics

Data statistics from multiple perspectives help users achieve business development.

Precise Dispatching

Independently developed GSLB dispatching system accurately distributes user requests to the ideal nodes.

Wide Coverage

It covers over 200 nodes in China, over 100 countries and regions around the globe and all small- and medium-sized operators.

High Security

By configuring referer blacklist and safe list, recognizing and filtering blank referer access, users can protect their resources from abnormal access. It supports the configuration of edge authentication and source authentication to secure the users’ resources.

Simple Operation

Users can configure their own domain names, customize configuration options and define their own anti-hot linking and cache strategies. Opening API interface provides a variety of services including initiating services, refreshing content, accessing monitoring data, downloading and distributing logs, etc.

Quality Monitoring

With monitoring points distributed across the country, it enables users to access monitoring files at a fixed frequency and real-time monitoring of CDN access statuses at all locations and of all operators.

Use Cases

  • To accelerate a large number of static resources in the website, it is suggested to separate static resources from dynamic contents to achieve better acceleration performance. Pictures of various forms, html, css, js files and exe programs are effectively accelerated to guarantee content distribution in portal websites and resources websites.

  • It supports online on-demand audio acceleration services for mp4, flv and other forms of files. It accelerates the access speed for subscribers and reduces bandwidth cost of restoration. It also supports online transcoding of video files.

  • Live video streaming media service is an integrated solution for storage, fragment transcoding, access authentication, distribution and acceleration of media resources. Combined with the media transcoding service, it enables fast and stable parallel transcoding and delivers a watching experience on diverse terminals and of various bit rates and resolutions.


Smart Scheduling

Access the nearest node: With a smart dispatching, big data and real-time monitoring system, it analyzes the performances of all nodes and selects the ideal nodes to provide an acceleration service and elevates access speed.
Proactive defense: With a smart dispatching function and big data analysis models, it enables load shifting and fights against DDoS attacks to guarantee users’ businesses are constantly online.

Smart Troubleshooting

AI technologies help detect changes of network quality and transfer businesses out of the malfunctioning region at the very beginning. It enables automatic traffic switching, dispatching and increases business efficiency.

Situation Awareness

By using machine learning, it elaborately analyzes risks in all logs, identifies and predicts potential security risks according to attack methods and further gives out a warning on potential attack behaviors. For example, CC attacks, SQL injection, XSS, Trojan uploading, unauthorized access and http illegal requests, etc.

Porn Picture Recognition

Drawing strength from deep learning technology, it is able to recognize pictures of streets and housing blocks and pornography. It helps clients handle pornography rapidly, reducing human effort costs and effectively mitigating risks brought by pornographic contents.

Video Tags

Based on experience accumulated by Ping An Group in life applications over 30 years, it provides fine-grained tags for CDN accelerated videos, which increases the videos’ findability and user engagement.

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