Value Proposition

High Performance

Scale and expand the bandwidth of network devices and servers, increase throughput, improve network data processing capabilities, and increase flexibility and availability of networks according to the business load.

Flexible and Highly Available

Provide public-network and private-network ELB services; can choose different load balancing products and policies according to specific business scenarios, with the availability rate being >=99.9%.


You don't need to buy any large hardware equipment, and you will not incur any manpower and operation & maintenance expenses. The pay-as-you-go practice is adopted to cut costs for you.

Self-service and Convenient

Self-service application can be completed within minutes, without requiring administrator’s intervention; support flexible configuration of multiple forwarding policies, and realize advanced, custom forwarding control functions.

Secure and Compliant

The typical private-network ELB instance is subordinate to a network domain (DMZ/SF/PTR) of VPC. Its architecture is more secure, and its deployment structure conforms to financial security regulations.

Use Cases

  • The ELB instance provides the service IP address as a unified interface for client access. Each ELB instance can be configured with multiple listeners to provide multiple-port listening services for the same service IP address. Each listener can be configured with a specific server resource pool, or the same server resource pool can be designated by multiple listeners.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Elastic Block Storage
  • For high-concurrency business scenarios with high peak traffic, such as time-limited promotions and periodic activities, use ELB to distribute traffic to business systems, scale external service capabilities of application systems, and flexibly control back-end resources in real time. The practice of pay-as-you-go is adopted to reduce construction and operation & maintenance costs.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Elastic Block Storage

Specifications and Pricing

Public Network ELB

Application scenarios:

  • Release of Web services or APP services on the internet


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Typical Private Network ELB

Application scenarios:

  • Mutual calling of systems within VPC


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