Value Proposition

Financial Security Standard

Facial recognition has streamlined the procedures of securities and banking businesses with its wide range of applications for financial scenarios, and financial risk management standards at the highest level

Widely-Used Scenarios

Facial recognition has been widely used in fields such as finance, education, security and protection, insurance and government affairs. It can track and monitor people flow in crowded places, and has been used more than 1.6 billion times.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Facial Recognition LFW accuracy rate is 99.8%. It can conduct autonomous deep learning based on real business data to optimize training models and make it more adaptable to various scenarios

Diverse Deployment Modes

Smart Facial recognition provides users with a variety of products and services such as PaaS services to access multi-platforms, servers and smart terminal private deployment

Use Cases

Facial Identity Verification

Facial recognition helps Ping An Bank, Ping An Securities and Ping An Puhui with access to on-line identity verification for their financial businesses, greatly improving efficiency

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Deployment and Control of Security and Protection

Facial recognition assists Shenzhen Airport to monitor traffic in the airport, calculate people flow and identify and track targeted persons from the Black and White List.

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Smart Buildings

Facial recognition has been used in the Ping An International Finance Center enabling staff to access the building using their facial features instead of their cards. Visitors who made an appointment online are permitted to access the building by using this service as well.

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Smart Education

Facial recognition has changed traditionally complicated examination procedures to help students with online self-service identification collection and real-name verification. It also enables the students to access the examination room by using facial recognition technology. It has been used by Guangdong province for College Entrance Examinations and Shenzhen city for the postgraduate qualification examination.


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