Value Proposition

All-round Protection

With a deep security policy rule system, the OS can be covered by nearly 200 security check rules.


Lightweight agent with most computing and protection carried out in the cloud, so no host resource will be occupied. The agent will identify service peak times and exit when the resource occupancy threshold is reached automatically.

High-speed Detection

Memory-based real-time security big data analysis engine allows real-time correlation analysis and calculation of multi-dimensional data. Second-level latency can be achieved for results of the security policy analysis, which is far more efficient than the 1 hour or even one-day security analysis prevalent within the industry.

Mass Scenario Accumulation

The system architecture models, data collection, analysis methods and security operation experience have been verified repeatedly during 6 years of stable operation on nearly 100 million hosts.

Use Cases

  • Unified security management and early warning monitoring operations can be realized in Ping An Cloud for improving the visibility, controllability and manageability of cloud server security, and reducing security risks and costs of cloud server management.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Web Application Firewall DDoS Protection
  • The network security level protection system is an important part of Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China. The intrusion detection function provided by the service security detection is a key item of security level compliance. Ping An Cloud provides various functions such as brute force crack and malicious program detection, so as to effectively protect the security of the cloud server.

  • Recommend to use with: Data Encryption Service Web Application Firewall


Security Configuration Baseline Verification

Basic account check: Checks whether server account and login settings, password policy, system configuration, service configuration and file permissions on the host meet enterprise-level security standards in an in-depth manner.
Database check: Checks the configuration and other items of common databases to find whether the configuration items of user's database meet security standards.
Web middleware check: Checks common middleware in common Tomcat and Nginx configuration to help users identify unsafe configuration items.

Log-in Security Guarantee

Log-in turnover audit: Records all login records, identifies the common login location of the administrator, performs risk detection and gives real-time alarm notifications for suspicious abnormal login behaviors, and confirms the login security IP address by setting the login whitelist.
Brute force crack identification: Identifies the behavior of illegally cracking passwords and reports them to Ping An Cloud to avoid being attacked by hackers via repeatedly guessing passwords.

Trojan Detection and Host Security Inspection

Detects suspicious problems and various malicious files of security risks based on the machine learning monitoring engine, including various webshell backdoors and binary Trojans. It finds backdoor files and gives alerts in seconds, with common backdoor file types supported.
Discovers malicious processes and provide timely alerts.

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Monthly Payment

50 /month

Yearly Payment

498 /year
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