Value Proposition

Improvement in Customer Service Efficiency

Flexible deployment; ready to use. Providing multi-channel services; unified identification and contact. Only one customer service representative is required instead of three, which reduces confusion and misunderstanding.

Customer Satisfaction

Seamless man-machine cooperation enables around the clock response to customer service demands. Visualized data and a powerful data analysis system highlight any problems for the customer in a clear and concise manner.

Improvement in Order Conversion Rate

Comprehensive refining of product, market and user information data, assist enterprises with business decisions, map out strategies, avoid risks and improve order conversion rates.

Cost Saving Per Annum

Based on deep semantic comprehension, the third generation customer service robots have a recognition rate of up to 95% and can effortlessly solve the majority of problems raised by customers.

Data Security Guarantee

Providing Financial-level cloud service; possessing an independent storage space; data isolation security and 24 hour service.

Diversified Connection

Cloud deployment+privatized deployment+expansive API support; flexible deployment; quick integration.

Involved with The Whole Product Life Cycle

Customers have a gold standard service team composed of an exclusive customer manager and online customer service representatives. A 24/7 online service is provided to respond to requests and handle problems whenever necessary.

Use Cases

Online Pre- and After-sale Customer Service

One platform can handle multi-channel customer service issues. Users can enjoy the enterprises convenient services anytime and anywhere thereby, with improved user experience.

Customer Self-service

Replacing customer service representatives during the holiday period to answer frequently asked questions, thus, saving the time needed to recruit staff and speed up the business handling process.

Financial Video Authentication

Assist enterprises in industries such as securities and lending to realize remote video business handling when customers are unable to be present, making the financial service process smoother.

Collaboration within The Enterprise

Customer demand can move between customer service centers and departments in the form of work orders. Coordinate resources from multiple parties, regulating the collaboration process within the enterprise and improving efficiency.

400 Call Center

A telephone call center that answers calls, makes follow-up calls and outbound call tasks, etc.


Tariff and Pricing

Online Customer Service


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Robot Customer Service



Work Order Management


/customer service rep/year

Call Center


/customer service rep/year

(communication fees and 400 application not included)

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