Value Proposition

Financial Compliance

Layer-2 isolation of network domains is achieved through the dedicated network domain of the financial cloud, to ensure isolation and secure access between DMZ/SF/PTR zones.

Secure Isolation

Internet gateways (IGW) are to guarantee the secure access between cloud services and internet clients, and security groups are to guarantee the secure access to cloud servers between different network domains.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Dynamic expansion of the number of subnets in the network domain helps users add and delete subnet segments in the network domain at any time when necessary.


Provide multiple plans for the cloud upload architecture, offering flexible hybrid cloud services through VPN gateways and leased lines.

Use Cases

  • User-built IDC and cloud VPC coexist. In case of a business boom, the business traffic can be migrated to the cloud through flexible scheduling and auto scaling of the cloud, so as to meet the demand and support disaster recovery.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Elastic Block Storage
  • For financial business scenarios requiring high security, a VPC-based disaster recovery system in two places and three centers is built to ensure the cloud business security and high availability. Business is deployed in different availability zones to achieve same-city active-active availability; peering connection is adopted to realize remote data disaster recovery; and multi-level security protection based on ACL, security groups, and CAM is implemented to achieve security isolation of business areas.

  • Recommend to use with: Elastic Compute Service Elastic Block Storage


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