Value Proposition

Improve R&D efficiency with lightweight collaboration and extreme experience.

Enable all possible links to be automated and migrated to the cloud, eliminate repetitive actions and unleash human creativity.

Multi-layer continuous validation system guarantees core, financial level quality and security.

Drawing strength from embedded lean/agile/DevOps methodology and Ping An’ financial IT management experience accumulated over 20+ years, it empowers clients to make quick responses in Internet+ era and establish core competitiveness.

Multi-dimensional smart data analysis provides dimensional monitoring and optimization insights for R&D process.

Use Cases

One-stop R&D Management

It guides the whole product R&D lifecycle management from demand management, testing and validation to version release with lean and agile methodology. It supports lightweight collaboration and reduces process burdens to enable R&D team to focus on product development.

Testing Management Integrated in R&D Process

It utilizes diverse testing methods, such as manual testing, precision testing, interface testing and performance testing, to achieve in-depth integration with R&D process and guarantees best delivery quality.

Product Delivery Management

Diverse plan management supports creation, management, tracking, release, review and measurement of different software versions of any scale.

Immediate Release and Delivery

It utilizes automatic tools to realize continuous and automatic integration, guarantees that product code versions can be immediately released by simply clicking.


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