Value Proposition

Data Security Control

Supports permission control at resource and data levels and customizes functions for user information and access management, with multiple permission control options available.

One-stop Big Data Application Solution

Covers functions such as data collection, data modeling, data mining, data analysis and visual application and display of data, so as to create a responsive one-stop big data analysis platform.

Multi-terminal Coverage

Supports PC, Pad, mobile phone, big screen and other terminals, and maintains a consistent and easy-to-use friendly user experience on different terminals for data analysis and display in various scenarios.

Big Data High Performance

Excellent performance with second-level 10B-level data response, supporting more analytical dimensions and larger data ranges.

Use Cases

Business Staff

Learn business trends and track business progress anytime and anywhere by means of mobile reports.

Technical Staff

Quickly respond to data analysis business needs with the help of self-service analysis tools.

Department Leaders

Follow key KPI metrics of the department by means of data board and mobile reports.

Operation Staff

Conduct data analysis with self-service analysis and collection tools.

Customer service representative

Self-help data mining capabilities can be used to perform quantitative analysis of customer service quality


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