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  • Smart Security Platform Deeply Integrated With AI Technology
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  • Flexible Deployment
    Flexible Deployment: Supports modular expansion and software/hardware separation in public and private clouds
  • Structured Analysis using AI
    Increasing security efficient by integrating multi-mode smart engines and performing multi-scenarios structured analysis.
  • Mobile Monitoring
    Increasing central communication system efficiency by monitoring multiple clients at once in real time.
  • Highly integrated system
    Increasing efficiency by freeing manpower using smart security systems.

Typical Business Scenarios

  • Smart public security

    Centered on facial recognition, the solution provides a wide range of functions including face-based monitoring, trajectory tracking, and individual combat, and implements AI enablement for traditional video reconnaissance, composite combat, and mobile law enforcement, improving the reconnaissance efficiency significantly.

  • Smart university

    The advanced facial recognition technology is used to replace traditional card swiping and fingerprint authentication modes in attendance check, facial sign-in in classes and examinations, management of non-resident students, dorm management, and other scenarios, to improve the management efficiency and user experience.

  • Smart port

    With the precise human-credential comparison function, identities of people can be confirmed more securely and quickly, delivering a higher passage efficiency.

  • Smart airport

    Alarms are generated upon events and control measures are taken after events occur. Potential threats can be detected by analyzing passersby, thereby generating warnings in advance and minimizing artificial security risks.

  • Smart community

    Through appropriate face-based monitoring, a community e-fence is formed to monitor residents, blacklisted people, and frequent passersby and generate alarms upon exceptions, improving community safety.

  • Smart building

    Visualization is integrated with facial recognition to manage employees, visitors, cleaners, and VIPs in a building by class. Alarms are generated when abnormal behaviors of blacklisted people are detected. The building management process is optimized to ensure safety of the building.

Smart Security Platform Deeply Integrated With AI Technology

Pain Points

  • Traditional security protection systems cannot generate warnings precisely and efficiently.
  • Traditional video surveillance technologies are inefficient in event identification and analysis and mostly require manual intervention.
  • Once traditional security protection systems were built, they are difficult to edit or expand with high risk in altering them.

Problems to be solved

  • With the self-developed in-depth facial recognition algorithm, real-time alarm and monitoring as well as suspicious person analysis and warning are supported.
  • Events are quickly located and reproduced based on a wide range of information including alarms, identities, features, time, and location which minimize labor input.
  • The solution supports deployment on a public or private cloud as well as integrated deployment. Resilient scale and performance expansion is supported which achieves reconstruction, expansion, and O&M easily.

Cloud Service Mode Recommendation

Solution Overview

  • All video streams, including local and network cameras, are uploaded to Ping An Cloud in real time.
  • Original video files are stored on the cloud in a centralized manner.
  • Video files can be distributed through the Ping An Cloud content distribution networks.
  • When an archived video file is fetched, it is obtained from the cloud which addresses the security issue in local storage.
  • Video files that need to be stored for a long term can be archived to OBS, improving the performance-cost ratio.

Application scenarios

  • Monitoring areas with ample network bandwidth resources
  • Customers who require to change the local storage mode of monitoring videos to improve security
  • Customers who demand long-term storage of archived files and a high performance-cost ratio

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Success Stories

  • Shenzhen Airport
  • Smart Campus in Pingdingshan City of Henan Province

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