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  • Complete product system
    It provides a full range of fundamental products and services spanning cloud computing, cloud storage, resolution, domain name filing, elastic expansion, security, AI and big data. It is able to meet the multiple-layer business demands of the education industry from basic platforms to upper layer applications.
  • Comprehensive AI cognition capability
    It provides a full range of AI services including Facial recognition, voice recognition, smart risk management and big data collection, storage, analysis and visualization, helps customers in the education sector to rapidly improve businesses by utilizing AI and big data technologies, and provides real-time insights of the user’s learning behavior.
  • Rich experience in serving the industry
    Ping An Cloud has accumulated rich experience in serving customers of the education industry. Its customers include education authorities, higher education institutions, elementary and secondary education institutions and VR online education companies, etc.

Typical Business Scenarios


It is mainly used in scenarios such as when students and faculty access the campus, visitor appointments, irregular situation warning, multi-method identity authentication, etc.

This system serves the following purposes

Safeguards the doors of the campus, protects the campus from illegal activities and potential dangers, and maintains a safe and sound environment for students to live and study.

Strengthen security management of related venues, guarantee orderly operation and protect students’ interests and property.

Solution Architecture

Solution Overview

  • To help secondary and higher educational institutions become information based, taking advantage of Ping An Technology’s mature application and construction experience in the education industry, we provide solutions and suggestions in several aspects including, campus access control, campus one card system, and identity authentication for examinations.


  • Multiple information systems exist in the educational institution; the management system is not effectively integrated.
  • Security incidents take place from time to time in students’ living and studying areas and the situation is difficult to manage effectively.
  • Some students take exams for others; the situation is hard to manage.
  • Study and life services are separated and students find student life unsatisfactory.

Officially Recommended Products

Typical Use Cases

Smart campus project of Wuhan University of Technology

Project Background

Wuhan University of Technology is one of the first batch of “world-class universities and world-class disciplines” in China. The university has been actively investing in smart campus development.

It is in urgent need of a set of efficient, precise and convenient verification systems to eliminate various security risks presented by misusage of student cards.

Business Value

Use Facial recognition technology to prevent the student card from being used by individuals other than the owner; realize efficient access control for libraries.

Use smart recognition technology to optimize management in libraries and academic buildings.

Success Stories

  • Wuhan University of Technology
  • The Education Department of Henan Province
  • The Education Examinations Authority of Guangdong Province

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