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  • Adopted by over 50 professional clients
    More than 50 professional financial clients such as banks, insurance companies, securities, social insurance institutions, governments, and education institutions (education examination authorities) have adopted the Facial Identification scheme.
  • User identity online verification
    Coupled with Ping An Technology facial recognition, OCR, micro-expression recognition, and biometric detection technology, this scheme accurately verifies user’s identity.
  • High facial recognition accuracy
    With a world-leading LFW accuracy rate of 99.8%, it is implemented in industries such as finance, education, security and public service in an in-depth manner.
  • Rich experience of project implementation
    We have combined several home-grown AI technologies such as face recognition, voiceprint, and OCR into our solution. Our prowess in the financial sector and ability to dedicate resources in this area have allowed us to secure a few hundred customers over a short period of 3 years. Our solution has been deployed in over 400 scenarios across the Financial, Health care, Education and Smart Buildings sectors.

Typical Business Scenarios

  • Insurance

    Thanks to the facial identification scheme, when one conducts online insurance business, users can sign the e-signature and pay insurance premiums. This scheme provides online insurance identity authentication services for commercial insurance companies or social insurance institutions, facilitating the rapid development of Internet + and effectively avoiding insurance fraud.

  • Banks

    The facial identification scheme allows bank and security companies to offer remote account opening services. This effectively reduces human costs and business risks, changes the situation faced by traditional banks when it comes to opening accounts and large amount transfers, such as huge labor costs, inefficiency, and easy misuse of ID card.

  • Internet finance

    This scheme allows internet finance institutions to verify the applicant’s identity before lending. It helps financial clients conduct their traditional offline business online. This is time saving and more efficient, reduces business risks and avoids identity theft for loan applications.

  • Education

    This scheme is applied to education and examinations for verifying identities during test registration and exam sign-in. Students can complete the test registration at home on the APP or H5. The examination room sign-in is done via the facial identification system. This effectively reduce the chances of exam fraud and ensures education fairness.

Solution Architecture

Solution Overview

  • Based on the deep understanding and best practice of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of the business scenarios in the financial field, we hope to build an overall financial facial identification scheme for financial clients.

User Guide

  • User terminals can choose sdk optionally and user’s information will be transmitted to a back-end interface. The computing results of the facial recognition cloud service system will be sent back to the business terminal.

Help clients to achieve

  • Specific to a core link - user identity verification triggered by the hacker certificate industrial chain, facial recognition technology verifies the user’s identity to be authenticated. This scheme reduces business risks and promotes the development of Internet + finance and other businesses.

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Success Stories

  • Ping An Securities
  • The Education Examinations Authority of Guangdong Province
  • Ping An Bank

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