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Ping An Cloud is based on 30-years of profound accumulated experience in the insurance industry, providing clients with a full range of advanced cloud computing service system solutions, in order to achieve T+0 launch of the insurance business systems and T+1 business kick-off. Ping An Cloud is an isolated business that meets the security compliance regulations of the financial industry.

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Value Proposition

Ping An Cloud provides customized and professional cloud services for financial clients. We meet advanced requirements from financial industry by creating independently isolated financial segments, providing in-city and distanced disaster recovery, and offering compatibility with traditional financial business architecture. We help clients with fast cloud migration and are the first choice for bank clients with transformation needs.

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Internet Finance

Value Proposition

Ping An Cloud provides customized Based on Ping An Groups professional Risk Management system, comprehensive financial licenses, and Global Top 50 enterprise experience in IT operation support and maintenance, Ping an Cloud is capable of perfectly integrating AI with traditional financial services, and has a proven track record of success in providing online finance companies, such as P2P ,small loans, pawn brokers, guarantees, and crowd-funding, with our professional cloud services.

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Value Proposition

Ping An Cloud migration service is customized based on our client’s actual business needs, and ensures seamless business migration to the cloud. We have various automated tools that cover all phases during the cloud migration process, helping clients reduce labor costs as well as greatly decreasing the business disruption time, ensuring data security and complete migration.

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Data security and privacy protection is most paramount for Ping An Cloud, we have internationally recognized independent security standard certificates and security compliance capabilities.

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