<p>Dedicated Host provides dedicated host resources isolated from other users, with exclusive access to CPU, memory, and disk resources. It can autonomously plan the number of instances. The CPU to memory ratio can be 1:8, and you can create instances free of charge after purchasing the host.</p>

Product advantages

<p>The dedicated&nbsp;instance has the following advantages in addition to functions such as snapshots and mirroring of ordinary sharing instances.</p> <p><strong>Exclusive resources </strong></p> <p>After purchasing the host, you can have exclusive use of the entire host, and you can have exclusive access to the CPU, memory and disk resources of the host, isolated from other users.</p> <p><strong>Flexible specifications</strong></p> <p>You can select the instance&rsquo;s CPU&nbsp;to memory ratio, including 1:8 and the commonly used 1:4, such as 2 cores with 16GB or 4 cores with 32GB.</p> <p><strong>Independent planning</strong></p> <p>The number of host instances is customized according to your own plan, and the instances on the host are free. The only factor limiting the number of instances is the host&rsquo;s remaining resources.</p>

Relevant terms and usage instructions

<p><strong>Dedicated host</strong></p> <p>Through installing virtualized physical machines, users have exclusive resources.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Dedicated instance</strong></p> <p>Instances created on a dedicated host are isolated from other users&rsquo; instances.</p>
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