<p>Elastic Block Storage (EBS) provides ECS with an efficient and reliable storage device. As a highly available, highly reliable, low-cost, customizable block storage device, EBS can be used as a standalone and scalable hard drive for ECS. You can easily buy, adjust and manage your cloud drive devices through the console.</p>


<p><strong>Low </strong><strong>L</strong><strong>atency</strong></p> <p>Access latency can be within microsecond, and random IOPS performance can be up to 20000.</p> <p><strong>Data </strong><strong>H</strong><strong>igh </strong><strong>A</strong><strong>vailability</strong></p> <p>Multiple duplicates and real-time synchronization of copies to ensure that EBS data are not affected by standalone failures</p> <p><strong>Backup and </strong><strong>R</strong><strong>ecovery </strong></p> <p>Users can take snapshots for data backup. When block device failure occurs, snapshots can be used for data recovery.</p> <p><strong>Elastic </strong><strong>E</strong><strong>xpansion</strong></p> <p>Multiple EBS devices can be mounted on a single ECS Instance. Besides, EBS device can be expanded. When the capacity of an EBS device cannot meet business requirements, users can expand the EBS device at any time.</p>
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