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With the use of new technologies such as advanced financial data, financial block chain, financial cloud and intelligent finance, the One Connect is a financial platform based on the concept of "innovation, openness and cooperation", aims to small and medium-sized financial institutions to provide professional financial technology services. At present, the One Connect has provided to more than 500 small and medium-sized banks, including nearly 3,000 small financial institutions financial and technical support services.

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Client characteristics
  • A city commercial bank adopts self-built IDC model in the early stage, with the explosion of financial Internet users in recent years, the original data center has been unable to satisfy the rapid growth of business, while according to the traditional mode of thinking, expanding IDC will make high construction costs, and manpower maintenance costs
  • Similar to all small and medium-sized banks, the city commercial bank has to face the problem when carrying out Internet financial business: it is difficult to obtain clients from internet, limit financial products, lack of Internet talents and high platform construction costs;
  • Online loan business requires users to upload identity documents, bank accounts and other information that consume storage space. So the storage service should be stable, with massive space and support expansion.
  • Adopt hybrid cloud deployment mode, deploy part of the core trading system in its own IDC, while part of systems that the highly growing business with high concurrent deploy in Ping An Cloud financial area. Ping An Cloud provide cloud computing capability, self-built IDC and Ping An Cloud access each other through VPN;
  • By sharing the financial experience of Ping An accumulated for years, assist in product innovation from the three aspects of platform, product and marketing, enhance the Internet financial core competitiveness of the city commercial bank;
  • Ping An Cloud provides OBS service which support the expansion of unlimited capacity. It meets the requirements of massive data storage of loan clients. All storages meet financial compliance to ensure security and privacy of client data.

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