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Qianhai Exchange (Shenzhen Qianhai Financial Assets Exchange) is one of the first batch of professional financial service platform in Qianhai, and it is also the only financial asset exchange which is accepted by the State Council in southern China. Relying on the policy advantages of Qianhai and the comprehensive financial advantages of Ping An Group, the Qianhai Exchange provides client with various types of claims, private financial management and other financial products as well as the issuance, pricing, listing, trading, settlement of financial tools and other services based on “Finance+ Internet”.

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Client characteristics
  • Explosive business growth and massive client visits during holiday, promotion and other special periods. It requires on-demand dynamic expansion resources to support access peaks.
  • The bill system of Qianhai Exchange covers the membership subsystem, accounting subsystem, payment clearing subsystem, sales subsystem, product subsystem, asset subsystem, bill subsystemand so on. The business of subsystems has interaction, and scene processing logic is complex;
  • Multiple subsystems need to access the same data base at the same time, and require multiple copies of the data.
  • Not only meet financial compliance, also interaction with existing systems of Ping An Group, such as UM2 certification, MFA dynamic verification and SMS system, are required.
  • Use ECS to build business application architecture, ECS provide efficient computing and stable operation services as well as on-demand purchase, and support flexible upgrade configration when the business volume increased to ensure the stability of the servers. At the same time, add Elastic Load Balancing service to ensure the stability of the network during trading, avoid impact real-time trading experience due to network loading issues;
  • Based on Sun Tone’s architecture methodology, driven by service level requirements such as scalability, security and maintainability, analyze the logical layer tier and technology layer in turn;
  • Use EFS to meet the scene which having access to multiple data sources, to achieve multiple data sharing;
  • Set up Qianhai Exchange VPC, which is divided into independent Intranet, DMZ and partner zone, comply with the regulartory of one bank and three commissions, and cooperate with the system of Ping An Group based on the demands to form interconnection.

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