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Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, and it is the second largest life insurance company in China from the aspect of raw insurance income. Ping An Life Insurance integrates the online and offline services together through “open O2O client operation” platform, and publish Pingan Jinguanjia APP. It aims at providing full-aspect services of “medical treatment, food, housing, travel, play and financing” for common people, and thus offer user experience focusing on “mobility, profession, sociality and scenario”. As of January 2017, the registered users of Pingan Jinguanjia APP have exceeded 100 million, and it has become the worlds’ first and the only life insurance company APP with the user more than 100 million.

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  • The China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) requires the data center, system operation and maintenance, the high availability of data and disaster recovery satisfy the supervision demand in insurance industry area;
  • Internet users’online behaviors, like, buy, inquire and modify insurances every day, which reflect to the table data of subsystems should transfer mutually and interact in real time;
  • Electronic policy requires users to upload medical examination reports, health certificates and other client information, all information are accumulated and require long-term storage, which requires large amount of storage space;
  • During the promotion activities on November 11 or festivals, the increase of user access may cause network delay, which may influence user experience.
  • Ping An’s financial cloud computing centers are built according to the international top financial standard Tier4, conforming to the supervision of One Bank and Three Commissions from data center environment, devices and insurance business architecture to product development as well as specification operation and maintenance;
  • EFS support high-speed file share and make a strict access control for file system, all data and file objects have multiple copies of redundancy, to ensure data security and high availability;
  • Provide Ping An Life Insurance with OBS which supports massive expansion, meets the storage requirements of PB level files and data such as electronic policy; OBS adopts CDN accelerationit choose the best routing strategy when uploading files and provide local file cache function when downloading files;
  • ELB can increase network throughput by scaling according to the load for the business of Ping An Life Insurance. It increases network data processing capabilities, and even big promotional scenes can be handled easily.

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