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Wanjia Health Care Management complies with the national medical reform grading diagnosis and treatment, social medicine, doctors’ multi-sited license, health insurance fee control trend, and integrates the large advantages in insurance and health industry of Ping An Group, to bridge the government health insurance and commercial insurance and thus create the large medical health sector of Ping An Group and offline entry of management-type medical services. Through integrating national basic medical institutions, establishing the open platform of medical services and clinic certification standard system, establish China’s first platform of chain health services, so that every Chinese family has health guarantee and can receive medical services easily

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  • As a pure Internet medical application, Wanjia Health Care Management is isolated from the existing financial business system of Ping An Group and deployed flexibly;
  • During the construction at the early stage, part of the business is deployed in self-built IDC, however, the online clinics at Wanjia platform has exceeded 16,000 within half year. Cause the self-built data center cannot meet the growth needs, part of the business system is transferred to Ping An Cloud;
  • Intent to reduce the infrastructure and maintenance costs, put more focus on the introduction of clinic, clinic training, other product development and so on.
  • An isolated network environment is established for Wanjia Health Care Management through VPC, clients can flexibly define the number of subnets in the network domain, in order to complete self-control and fast response to business.
  • Setup Connection between Wanjia Health Care Management IDC and Ping An Cloud by VPN, and deploy the active-standby data centers; flexibly deploy applications between two data centers according to business characteristics, so as to meet core business system needs and expand the large flow applications of the Internet in parallel;
  • The 7 * 24-hour operation and maintenance team of Ping An Cloud provide effective guarantee for the sustainable business operation of Wanjia.

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