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Ping An Securities Co., Ltd. transformed to the Internet around the strategic objectives of “Internet integrated wealth management platform with securities trader license”, created a one-stop smart financial platform through the combination of Internet technology and traditional financing and practiced the philosophy of inclusive finance. With securities trading, securities margin trading, financial products sales and wealth management services and other business, as of June 2016, the registered capital of Ping An Securities was 8.574 billion yuan, the net assets is 24.717 billion yuan, the total assets is 102.103 billion yuan, the Company’s brokerage clients have exceeded 4 million, and total assets of clients exceeded 500 billion yuan.

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  • Ping An Securities are subject to the supervision of the CSRC in both underlying architecture and upper application, and financial compliance is strictly required;
  • After people rushed into stock market in 2016, the business of individual clients has increased exponentially. Taking the relevant application of K line as an example, from going into the market in August 2016, PV developed to 6 million from 0 in business day, and it needs to support 10 million daily request at full load;
  • High requirements for network stability and reliability during transaction in securitites area. Quick real time request reponse is also required in market and cosultance business situation. With the ups and downs of the market, users may have centralized access and operation, so the demands for high concurrency need to be considered;
  • With the industry advantages of Ping An Securities, a number of channels (such as Snowball, WallstreetCN, and Emoney Trading, etc.) have cooperated with Ping An Securities, deployed part of the core system in Ping An Cloud, to ensure the timeliness and stability of system interaction.
  • The architecture and solutions of Ping An Cloud comply with the regulartory requirements of one bank and three commissions.Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) use the concept of exclusive network domain type of financial cloud to isolate the network domain, and divide available zones into the Intranet, DMZ and partner zone consistent with financial compliance standards.
  • Deploy all the rapidly growing business in Ping An Cloud, ECS, EBS, database and other products support rapid expansion and are used to cope with business needs of exponential growth, X86 host adopts Intel high-performance E7 processor, to deal with massive user access easily.
  • ELB provides Internet network distribution and access; multi-data center in multi cities and multi-available zone deployment solution to ensure multiple data backup, fulfill security and reliability requirement.
  • The channel supplier system is deployed in Ping An Cloud, to ensure the timeliness and stability of system interaction through VPN to self-built IDC.

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