Qudaolianmeng AD serving

Financial Big Data

Qudaolianmeng AD serving is the flow trading platform in financial vertical field affiliated to Ping An Group, and it can provide drainage, migration, client obtaining, flow realization, intelligent recommendation and other services to the professional companies of the group, so as to help the business personnel to achieve efficient migration and client obtaining. Since the start of the project in June 2016, the Qudaolianmeng AD serving has docked with the Jinguanjia, Lufax, Ping An Securities and other inner high-quality channels as well as Tencent, Baidu, UC, Today’s News, IQiyi and other external mainstream media resources, with the daily available traffic of more than 20 billion.

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Client characteristics
  • Qudaolianmeng AD serving brings together massive Internet channel resources, covers more than 1 billion mobile end users, reaches 500 million users per-day, support daily PV up to 10 billion, up to 30 billion of daily requests are supported in full load. The traditional infrastructure cannot meet this high concurrent scene.
  • Internet users and behavior data have grown rapidly, a large number of new data and log will be generated every day. How to deliver the underlying resources as soon as possible? How to store the large number of data and logs?
  • Big data system has high requirements for the IO and capacity of disk. How to meet the requirements?
  • Ping An Cloud provides services for the Qudaolianmeng AD serving such as ECS and ELB. The ECS can be delivered in minute which allows clients to purchase on demand with the trend of business growth. ECS combined with the ELB which supports high concurrency to built servers cluster which is flexible and easy to expand.
  • Build MYSQL, REDIS high-performance database to meet customized storage requirement from client.
  • To meet the reading and writing requirements of high-performance disk, in addition to ECS, Ping An Cloud also provides Bare Metal Service (BMS) , to help users buy the physical servers with different configurations at Ping An Cloud by themselves and realize the delivery in minutes.

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