Bare Metal Service

BMS provides only monthly or annual subscription

The following table describes characteristics of and applicable scenarios for the monthly or annual subscription
  Payment methods Strengths and Weaknesses Changes specifications of instances Applicable scenarios
monthly or annual subscription Prepayment on a monthly basis The average hourly price is low but the release of resources and refunds aren’t supported Not Support For long-term and stable 24/7 services
BMS's price
Billing items Product type Number of cores Memory Local storage Network Price unit Monthly subscription Annual subscription
Bare Metal Service General computing A1 20 256 4*800GB SAS 2*10Gbps CNY 6,620 79,440
Bare Metal Service Big data Computing 20 256 2*300GB SAS,12*4 TB SATA 2*10Gbps CNY 7,780 93,360


1、 The above price list doesn’t contain internet costs

2、 The above price contains costs shared equally for using the VPC, including costs for using the licensed Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition

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