Web Application Firewall

The WAF includes the Basic version and Professional version

Specification version
Product parameters Basic version Professional version
Supported guard port HTTP(80port)、HTTPS(443port)Basic business defense HTTP(80、8080port)、HTTPS(443、8443port)Basic business defense
Number of defense rules 10 20
Number of top-level domain names 10 10
Number of customized cc access rules 10 15
Threshold number of normal requests per second 1,000 2,000
Bandwidth threshold per second 10 15
Maximum number of back-to-source IPs for a single domain name 10 20
The price list
Version Monthly subscription Annual subscription
Basic version 2,399CNY 23,990CNY
Professional version 4,798CNY 47,980CNY
Domain name package-Price
Version Monthly subscription/CNY Annual subscription/CNY
Basic 1,000CNY 10,000CNY
Professional 2,000CNY 20,000CNY

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