Web Application Firewall

Currently, Web Application Firewall only supports monthly payment. If the resources cannot meet your business needs, you can purchase the expansion package. Not support the configuration capacity reduced, but you can choose not to renew the fee before the resources expire. The specific prices are shown in the table below:

Note: If the number of root domain names is 1, 10 subdomains must be the same root domain name. If there are 2 root domain names, you can create 10 subdomains which root domain name as A and 10 subdomains which root domain name as B.

The price list
Billing items (public cloud) Billing description Product Pricing
WAF Enterprise Edition (basic option, required)
Contains 1 root domain name and 10 sub-domain names, the default setting:
• External network bandwidth: 10MB;
• Storage capacity: 10G (save logs generated by WAF).
Domain package Including 1 root domain and 10 subdomains 26/Day
Bandwidth package 50MB 42/Day
Storage package 1TB 18/Day

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