VPN Gateway

The VPN gateway will only support pre-paid purchases .
Note: After July 15, VPN gateway domestic line will be upgraded to BGP , metropolitan area network line will be offline. Newly purchased VPN gateway (Include mainland and overseas area) will only support prepaid purchases. The original purchase of after-payment instances won’t be affected. Below is the new price for the VPN gateway, including bandwidth fee and instance fee。

Figure 1 VPN network prepaid price
Bandwidth Ping an cloud VPN price (NEW) [China]
Ipsec-VPN Instance Charge Prepaid (CNY/Month) VPNBandwidth
Prepaid (CNY/Month) After paying (CNY/Hour)
5Mbps 220 115 -
10Mbps 220 515 -
20Mbps 950 1315 -
50Mbps 950 3715 -
100Mbps 950 7715 -

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